The best 7 liquors you can get on bar or your home bar.

Many times, we have heard from our friend or coworker “I’ll have a whiskey on the rocks.”

Maybe you have said it time or two by our self. To speak it you need to be sure you want it and you understand what liquor to order on the rocks?

There is no secret that some liquors have benefits from mixing with ice cubes, but there is plenty liquors should be not mixed with nothing and drink solid on their own.

Let’s figure out which liquor come to right category: to drink solid or mixed with ice.

Every taste we have is different from each other but there are some basic rules we can follow when we try to pick right one liquor to drink.

When time comes to drink Scotch you should avoid drink ice with it, while blended Scotch can easy be drink with ice.

When time comes to tequila you should deficiently ad some ice cubes into this liquor drink as it will be perfect choice for it.

The last one but not the worse liquor would be a Gin and bourbon. These two liquor needs ice cubes always and everywhere to be consumed together.

Dewars 12 Year Old The Ancestor Blend

This blended Scotch drink was named in honor of founder John Dewar. This is one of the Best Scotch in market you can get free and reasonable price for it.

As this Scotch is blended it returns to oak casks for further aging. This process lets Scotch get proper flavor of oak taste.

You should use this Scotch with ice cube and drink it small ones to let out honeyed fruit aromas open up in this classic blended Scotch.

Dewars 12 Year Old The Ancestor Blend


Johnnie Walker Black

One of the best classic on the rocks blended Scotch. This is flagman of whiskies around the world, and that name you know all it is Johnnie Walker whiskey.

Black Johnnie Walker whisky is used only from at least 12 years aged drink, and that’s creates creating a smooth and complex flavor profile of most liked whiskey in the world.

This Black Johnnie Walker whisky will reveal you the dried fruit aromas and the long-lasting, lightly smoked finish.

Johnnie Walker Black


Casa Noble Crystal Tequila

If you never try a tequila you have to get this one chilled blanco tequila.

Use some ice cubes with chilled blanco tequila and It will reward you with the honeyed agave flavors and light citrus notes that you will be astonished for it.

Casa Noble Crystal Tequila


Tequila Herradura Coleccion de la Casa Port Cask Finished Reposado

Another most interesting and not common unique tequila aged for 11 months in ex-bourbon casks.

Later this unique tequila completes its 13-month aging cycle in old port casks.

This aging tequila has layered aromas of vanilla-caramel, which comes to a sweatiness of a young women in your hands.

And all of this taste we need to thankful for the bourbon and port casks.

This all mixed in one tequila brings us pleasant chill to the liquor with an interesting integrated flavor inside of it.

Tequila Herradura Coleccion de la Casa Port Cask Finished Reposado


Hendrick’s Gin

This unique liquor came to market only 18 years ago, but right now this Scottish Gin is one of the best Gins we can found in markets.

This unique Gin were made by using regular standards and new technologies of liquors what made that Gin absolutely killing.

Most interesting silent manufacture ingredients are adding rose and cucumber.

All these floral pleasant sweat ingredients make Hendrick’s Gin bottle be a soft and mellow liquor drink.

Add some ice cubes into your glass and you will be rewarded with some an unforgettable sipping experience.

Hendrick’s Gin


Plymouth Gin

Most interesting thing about this Gin is that bottle were made 200 years ago, and still remain same as it was on that age.

It is one of the rocks staples that you have to taste it. This powerful Plymouth Gin presents strong juniper flavors with a zingy finish.

Add some ice cubes into your glass with Plymouth Gin and you will get long lasting sweetly sipping longer than expected.

Plymouth Gin



Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon

May you already know bourbon or maybe not but you will definitely like this Four Roses liquor.

It is Single Barrel Bourbon made with Four Roses liquor traditions and you must try this drink whatever it takes.

This bourbon presents the highest rye percentage bourbon mash bill on the market, and you can be sure it is spicy for many people who try it first time.

Try to chill this Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon before you use it and taste new robust fruit characteristics of the palate that comes to life.

Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon